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Founded by fitness enthusiast Laura Miller who started her career as a personal trainer in 2014, GymCat was derived from the recognition that the women of today are independent, career driven and goal orientated, whilst still actively enhancing and embracing femininity in terms of fashion and beauty. Born was the idea of the fiercely feminine, the boss babe, the modern day influencer, a women who takes care of her mind and body, as well as pushing for what she wants out of life. Created with shape in mind, each GymCat piece has been designed in house to ensure you slay your day with the most stunning cuts to flatter, enhance, celebrate and contour your curves. Every item is designed to be worn in a gym setting or styled up for social or business outings or just to put your best fashion foot forward.

Made by a woman for women, no detail has been left to chance and whatever the occasion we want to ensure you feel supported, fierce and feminine.

#From Laura

I started going to the gym to build curves, I always felt more sexy and feminine when I felt that my bum was in good shape. I wasn’t interested in losing weight or being skinny as my idea of body goals came from the true hourglass shape. To this regard I wanted to wear gym sets that enhanced my body shape but were still fashionable to wear both inside and outside the gym. I didn’t like that most gym wear came in bold prints or colours with huge branding across it and I could never find leggings that flattered my bum. I always found the waist line would be too loose and the material around my hips too tight, a problem that I was determined to solve. Hence I decided to build my own clothing line as an extension of myself and what I wanted to wear.

I chose to build my brand around co-ords because I absolutely love sets, even just for the simple fact that I don’t have to worry about finding the right top to go with the bottoms (who has time for that nowadays) but also for the fact that coords never fail to look flawless.

Thanks to my wonderful and beautiful friends who I am proud to say are real women with real curves, they have helped me to address the common problems associated with leggings such as camel toe, waistbands and pant lengths and I am so grateful to have such honest criticism on my doorstep. I know if my product has been signed off by them then it is worthy of my customers. Above all I am so passionate and committed to the quality of every single GymCat piece that I really hope you love wearing my brand as much as I do and that most importantly it helps you to feel confident and proud of your body, this is my greatest wish!

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